The journey to knowing God begins at a young age. Understanding the importance of helping parents build a spiritual foundation for their children, our Kids ministry is there for guidance every step of the way.

Florida City First is committed to helping children grow from the knowledge of Christ, to a relationship with Christ, to becoming a lifelong, committed follower.


We create a safe, exciting atmosphere where kids can discover God’s calling while building a relationship with Jesus Christ.


When: Sundays at 9:45 & 10:45 am
Where: Meet in Main Sanctuary


At Florida City First Student Ministry, we offer a great environment in which to meet new people and most importantly meet with God.


Anchored Life Grow takes place on Sunday morning at 9:45 am in Building 5. If you are in 6th-12th grade and your not hanging out with us on Sunday Mornings, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! We have an awesome time together grow! Just show up! We promise you will leave impacted as well as meet new friends.


Anchored Life takes place on Sunday night at 6 pm in Building 5. Anchored Life is more than just a service on Sunday night… Anchored Life is an impactful night of connecting with God and each other . If you are a middle school or high school student, you have to experience this great night. It is a place where teens come and engage in worship and receive a life changing teaching that focuses on student issues, all in a safe and fun environment. We love to take students on local outreaches, camps, retreats, concerts, as well as other events! GET HERE!


Why Baptism?
Baptism is a step of obedience that Jesus requires of his followers, as it displays the gospel and gives us an opportunity to publicly profess our faith in Jesus. In the act of baptism, we unite by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus our Lord.


Next Steps in Baptism
Baptism is for anyone who wants to profess Jesus as Lord. The Bible teaches that new Christians are baptized into a local community, so baptism is also connected to church membership. We recommend that anyone interested in either baptism or membership attend sign up for our Baptism and Membership Class given Saturday mornings on select dates. In this class, we will discuss the vision and values of Florida City First, why baptism and membership are important, and the responsibilities of church members. At the end of this class, all participants are given an opportunity to meet with the Pastor, pursue baptism, and sign our membership covenant.


His Place For You
Why Membership?
The Christian life is not meant to be an isolated experience for individual Christians. Rather, the Bible teaches that the Christian life is a life lived together as the church—a local body of believers, the family of God, in covenant community. Church membership is our way of identifying and affirming who joins together in covenant community at Florida City First.

Next Steps in Membership
Membership at Florida City First is a two-step process. First, we encourage anyone new to Florida City Family to attend His Place For Me. His Place For Me” is an opportunity to meet our pastors and leaders, as well as others who live in our community.

Then, all prospective members should attend our Baptism and Membership Class. In this class, we discuss the vision and values of The Florida City First, as well as what the Bible says on a variety of important topics, including biblical descriptions of the church and the responsibilities of church members. At the end of this class, all participants are given an opportunity to meet with a Pastor and sign our membership covenant.